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I hate not having money :(

Today at Zack's was awesome. I really like it there. Vickie [the store manager] is going to call me from Toronto on Monday night to tell me whether or not she's going to hire me. She wants to talk to Barb [the one who interviewed me] about how my day was today, and see what she says. She has the final say. I'm 99% sure she'll hire me, cuz Vickie said she really likes me, but I'm still a little worried. She showed me how to use the cash, got me to approach and sell to customers, and explained the merchandise. I doubt she'd do all of that if she wasn't going to hire me cuz that'd be kinda.. pointless? Um yeah. And the ladies that I was working with were like "It's a lot of fun here, I'm sure you'll like it a lot." So that's good, I think? I'm just going to cross my fingahs and hope I get it. Cross yours too! :P

I've decided I like the names Avery and Breyonnah [pronounced Bray-on-ah]. So those are my new favorite baby names. I was set on Kaeyah [Ky-a], but we named our cat that, so it won't work. Haha. No babies for at least 3 or 4 years, so we have lots of time if I happen to change my mind.. again. Hehe. Hey, I'm a girl - we're allowed to change our minds as often as we like!

I think it's funny how many infomercials are on during the night-time. There's one on T.V. now for thinning hair. Haha. It's hilarious. The people look so happy with their new *look*. Nice...hair plugs.. you got there... Oh and you can even wash your hair with them in! How exciting! *sigh* This is why I spend my nights on the Internet and not in front of the T.V. You know, I always wondered if those commericals with 3rd-world country kids were real. Like how do we know they're actually poor and sick? How do you really know? What if they just gathered a bunch of dark kids from a neighborhood in like, New York or something, and got them to run around in the dirt for awhile? And then, for the full effect, they'd get them look into the camera, all sad-like. Then people would call in and give them money out of pity. Hrm. We were always told not to believe everything we see and hear, so that's why I'm wondering. Bah it's late and my head is tired. Sorry.

If I had something more exciting to write about, I would. But I don't [how can you tell..?], so I'm gonna go to bed now. Tomorrow is another day, and maybe something really exciting will happen and I can come back and share it with all of you! How nice. :) Goodnight! :)

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