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I went with Greg's Mom to a candle party tonight. Woo! Hehe. It was actually really fun though. We played games, had some chips and dip, talked and smelled all kinds of smelly candles. I won the bingo game and the prize was I could pick anything from the catalogue I wanted and Marian [the party thrower] would pay for it! So I picked a nice-smelling purple candle. It almost smells like lavender, but a nice lavender. Not like the air freshener my sister once put under my pillow. Hahahaha. {It's the tall one, and it doesn't come with the holder) We had to order it, so it won't be in for awhile. She asked us if we wanted to have our own party at home and Sylvie and I decided to have one in May. And guess what?! You're all invited! :D I always thought those things were gay [candle & tupper-ware parties], but they're actually kinda cool. You can win stuff and buy things for really cheap sometimes. And we each got a little bag of smelly candles to take home, which was neat. :) The invitations are going out mid-April, so let me know if you wanna come. [That is, if you live in Thunder Bay.. hehe... unless you plan on making a trip up here for a *geeky* candle party, lol]

I <3 my boyfriend. He bought me a chocolate bar [with the last dollar he had, he found it in his pocket], because I was pms'ing today. He's such a sweetie. :D It's the little things, people...the little things.

Ok I'll update tomorrow when I get a chance to sit down at the computer. We have laundry to do, Greg has to get his truck fixed and I have resumes to get out. Another busy day. Niiiice.

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