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I want my tongue pierced. Maybe when my income tax comes in I'll treat myself to another hole in my body. AND NAT WILL COME WITH ME! :P

[EDIT: I might want a tattoo now instead. I've been wanting one to go under the one on my lower back (since it's wayyyy too high up) for the LONGEST time but never had the money. (Not that I really have it now, but I can afford to spend $50 when I get my income tax and still have money to pay my bills and stuff) I've been searching the net for pictures, but nothing has really struck me yet. I like , but it wouldn't work with my zodiac sign above it. And besides that, I'm sure it would cost more than $50! I was thinking of putting my name in Japanese (well "Kels", not Kelly) kind of in a half-moon shape underneath, but that might look funny too. I don't know! If I had pics of the tattoo I have now, you could give me your advice. But I don't, so meh. I'll have to ask the people who've seen it already. In any case, I'll decide what I want to do and let ya's know! Maybe I'll change my mind AGAIN and decide NOT to get anything done! And save my money! Hmmmm..[/EDIT]
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