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I swear, if one more person asks when Greg and I are getting married, I'm going to freak out. Everytime we're at his parents house, his Mom tells us about another one of his family members who was asking about us. And I think it's great that they're checking up on us, but they constantly ask when we're getting hitched. And I DON'T KNOW! I think that's kinda up to him? And by the looks of the whole money situation, it ain't happening for at LEAST another 5 years. So hold onto your grannie panties, Granny Mayo. :P

Greg is going to camp with his Dad and *the boys* today. Every year around this time they have a little "get-together" at Kasabowie where Carl & Sylvie have a camp. And just the boys go. NO GIRLS ALLOWED! Hehe. I wonder if they'll make themselves a tree fort and everything up there. Hmm. LOL. I have to sleep all by myself for the first time in our apartment. :( And I'M SCARED! Will someone sleep over?! NAT?! COME BACK AND SLEEP OVER! Aww *sigh*. Maybe the kitties will cuddle with me...

I'm going to have nightmares, I just know it! And no one will be there to make me unscared! Boooooooo!

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