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Good morning! :D I'm on my way to Zack's [where I went for the interview on Tuesday]. They wanted me to come in for a couple of hours to see if I like it, and if they're going to hire me. My interview at the Victoria Inn went really well! Awesome I must say! :) They're going to call me next week sometime and let me know whether I got it or not. It'd be a part-time position at first, but full-time in the summer. So if I get both jobs, I'll have lots of money and hopefully I can get some of these damn pills paid!

Anyway, I suppose I should wake Greg up now, considering it takes him like 1/2 an hour to finally roll out of bed! Hehe. I'll write something more interesting when I get home from *work*. LOL. It feels nice to be able to say that again, I just hope I actually can! :)

Bye guys!

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