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In 24 days, it'll be our 1-year anniversary!! Isn't that exciting?! A year - 365 days - 52 weeks! Oh my, that's crazy. Only 5 more years to wait and we'll finally get married. LOL. Hopefully he's joking and it won't be that long. I love you baby!

So tonight Vicki from Zack's [the manager] is supposed to call me and let me know whether or not I got the job. I'm getting a little worried cuz it's already 6 p.m. and still no phone call. If she doesn't hire me, I am so screwed. I have to give Crystal $50 by the end of March for the down payment on my bridesmaid dress. I have a sears and visa bill to pay. I have a CABLE BILL that didn't get paid last month, so I'm assuming it's got all kinds of late charges tacked onto it. I'm starting to get depressed about not having money. It puts so much stress on a relationship, I tell ya. Greg was really supportive when I told him about my interviews this week, but because I haven't heard back from anyone, I think he's beginning to lose hope too. :( I think I'm going to go out tomorrow and bring out some more resumes, just in case. Even if I get the job at Zack's, I'll still need another part-time job. Ugh. If the manager at the Victoria Inn hires me, I'd be set. I'd have enough money to pay for everything I need to this month, and hopefully have a little left over. I'd love to go for supper or something on our anniversary!

Colin called as Greg was leaving for work so we chatted for awhile. He's so hilarious that guy. He was bugging me about the brownies I made last night that totally didn't turn out. I tried a new recipe [out of a kid's cookbook, no wonder :P] and they were so gross, I threw all of them out. He told me I should've saved them and he could *sample* them. I think he would've thrown up or something, cuz God knows I almost did! Ah well, the peanut butter cookies I made today made up for the brownie catastrophe. Haha.

Okay it's supper-time, talk to ya's later!

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